I have been so consumed by work that this slipped my glance. Thankfully, Nurse Ratched’s Notebook caught this news from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A French official is examining whether to prosecute US Vice President Dick Cheney over alleged complicity in the abuse of corporate assets dating from the time he was head of the services company Halliburton, the French newspaper Le Figaro said.

The case stems from a contract by a consortium including the American company Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), a Halliburton subsidiary, and a French company, Technip, to supply a gas complex to Nigeria, the newspaper reported.

Nursey calls this “another reason for Bush to dislike the French.” I call this, if true, another reason to impeach Bush/Cheney.

The good Nurse offers more info that I missed — damn that job! — regarding a retelling of the story of Saddam Hussein’s capture. She writes, “A lot of people swallowed the story of Hussein’s capture as told by the U.S. military hook, line, and sinker. Others, primarily Iraqis — such as Hussein’s daughters — and Arabs of other countries, protested that Hussein was drugged, that he would have resisted. It seems they were right, and that, as reported here and hardly anywhere else, Hussein was captured by Kurds rather than the U.S. military, possibly as long ago as mid-November.” Which means, if this story is true, Saddam’s capture took place a month before the reported capture date of Dec. 13. Hmmm.

Steve Gilliard notes — correctly — that it’s time to take off the gloves when dealing with lazy, sloppy, irresponsible, ethics-challenged reporters.

Cheers, Iddybud’s Jude: The blogger notes that many Bible-thumping Religious Right-wingers are the lousiest examples of Christian witness.

From the Invisible Library, the Invisible Manifesto. Read it; it’s good stuff.

Should we give in to Bush/Cheney and their greedy corporate pals salivating to get their mitts on the riches of Iraq? No. There may come a day when those of the Left will fall to the terrible forces of goods-grabbing, but friends, this is not that day. Lisa English’s Ruminate This points to a Working for Change alert that offers an opportunity for you to speak out against immoral war profiteering.

At the S-Train Canvass, ‘Train’s little sister comes out, and the blogger shows himself to be a brother among brothers. As he so intelligently notes, “If I don’t sound all melodramatic about this (calling it a life-changing experience), that’s because I don’t think so. If my lil sis said she had cancer or something, then that would be life-changing experience for me. This, well, this is just life to me. No more, no less.” My own brother is super-duper, but if I could have another, I would want it to be ‘Train.

The US is reeling over the mad-cow scare, and Some Grrrls posits that we should not be surprised that it has happened. The blog offers some interesting links on the subject.

Yes, there is more peace in the world since the September 11 attacks, but not in Iraq. Salam Pax contemplates various horrors — including the difficulty of getting the whole story — while watching a Meg Ryan film and listening to explosions.

And being that there is more peace in the world, why is anyone even considering the possibility of reinstating a US military draft? There are those, however — Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) among them, calling for such a thing. Democratic Veteran muses that should a draft rinstatement come to pass, we’ll probably see the imposition of a two-tier pay scale for draftees and volunteer death-brigaders.

Zimbabwe’s recent decision to bolt the British Commonwealth has gotten lots of media attention. At Black Commentator, author Mark P. Fancher admits that President Robert Mugabe had done atrocious things in office, but opines that the Commonwealth isn’t angelic either.

And at Blah Blah Flowers, you’ll find a pointer to Spy Blog‘s analysis of analysis of how the UK’s government works to strip away citizens’ liberties.

Speaking of civil liberties: Put that copy of the Farmer’s Almanac away! What — do you want to end up in the US Department of Homeland Security’s crosshairs? Collective Sigh notes that in the wrong hands, some almanacs indeed are more dangerous than others, but concedes that this latest Shrubite directive could lead some law-enforcement types to overreact.

Finally, a truly awful year is coming to a close (thank you!), and Blogcritics has bunches of best-of lists. And the voice of the evildoers, Cosmic Iguana, names Duct Tape 2003’s Person of the Year.