AF&Opourri, New Years’ Day Edition

I love Silt. The Amsterdam-based blogger notes that Tasmania’s new law giving same-sex couples legal recognition goes into effect tomorrow — way to go, Tasmania! — and waits for the nation’s inevitable collapse of het marriages. Read and laugh.

At Mac-a-ro-nies, Mac Diva calls out a naughty blogger. A clarifying note to that blogger: I very much appreciate the inclusion of AF&O, but I don’t identify as “black.” You could just as accurately label me as “white” or “red.” When looking in the mirror, this Heinz-57 mutt sees brown. When looking at my personhood, I see human, and that is how I identify.

Pandagon noticed something interesting: Where Time‘s US edition named the US death brigader “Person of the Year,” its Canadian edition gave the honor to Michael Leshner and Michael Stark, the first gay couple to legally marry there. What does the disparity tell us? According to Pandagon, “That our country is defined by war and violence while Canada is trying to extend equal rights to all their citizens? I’m not an America-hater but I know which one I’d pick.” Same here.

Ampersand at Alas, a Blog lasers in on melanin and wonders why “white men love Bush.” Note that the final word is capitalized; it’s too early in the new year to work blue.

My deepest thanks to Rob at Anarchy Xero for introducing me to Zen Guitar, which gave me a rad new way to approach my playing just at the time it was needed most. Woo hoo!

Some good new-year news at Channeling Cupertino: Will links to a BBC story about the new special prosecutor named (finally!) to head up the probe into the Valerie Plame affair. As he says, it’s a start (a nervous-making one, as noted in the post’s comments; the guy was chosen by John Ashcroft, after all).

Franklin’s Findings offers sad news: Chinese star Anita Mui died Dec. 30 from cervical cancer at the age of 40. Can you imagine — losing the multitalented Mui, her nation’s Madonna, and the marvelous and still-missed Leslie Cheung in the same year? Thank God 2003 is over; I can only pray Mui and Cheung are duetting again in heaven.

At League of Liberals, Mudshark presents ways in which you can help earthquake victims in Iran. Start the new year by doing some good.

Margaret Cho waxes pensive about New Year’s Eve. Her advice is good: “Fuck the calendar. You can be your own calendar, your own holiday, your own new year every day.”

And South Knox Bubba offers his predictions for 2004 and a look at the best of freeperism in 2003.

Last, but certainly not least, the S-Train Canvass reviews the year just ended.

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