Fear the Reaper

From Unknown News: If you aren’t alarmed by the US death brigade armed forces’ suicide rate, you should be. It appears military leaders aren’t all that concerned about it:

While Army officials acknowledge that the suicide figure appears high, the overall number of 61 such deaths for that branch this calendar year is about average, officials said.

… The 61 Army suicides in this year compare with 68 Army suicides last year, 49 in 2001 and 63 in 2000, the military said.

The Army’s worst period in the past 13 years was 1991, the year of the Persian Gulf war, when it reported 102 suicides.

Unknown News links to a Chicago Tribune piece that tells the tragic story of one young soldier who reportedly died by his own hand.

Joseph Suell’s mother, Rena Mathis, 47, and Rebecca Suell described the soldier as an athletic young man who after high school graduation held a variety of jobs.

Suell joined the Army in February 2000 so he could have a steady job to care for his wife and raise a family.

Rejecting his suicide, his family wonders if he maybe lost count of the pills or he had a fatal reaction to a military inoculation. Whatever the cause of death, it certainly wasn’t a suicide, an ignominious fate in his eastern Texas hometown where family and military remain proud Southern traditions, they said.

The death has put the family into an emotional spiral.

What upsets them most is that Joseph Suell, who wanted to be a career soldier and abhorred suicide, hasn’t received a hero’s burial from his hometown because of the suicide finding, the family says. He was posthumously promoted to sergeant.

Perhaps Suell’s death was accidental. If it wasn’t… it isn’t hard to imagine why a soldier might get so depressed that he or she would consider something so awful as suicide.

Bring the troops home!

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  1. I am Joseph’s first cousin. I would like to ask that all the news
    broadcasters and newspaper editors would stop saying Sgt. Joseph D
    Suell, committed suicide. The death certificates says he died from a
    non-hostal issue it didn’t say suicide. If there isn’t anything
    positive to say let his family be at peace with the situation. We
    all have enough stress. Thank you!
    P.S. My aunt,cousin-in-law and the rest of the family need help to find out what really

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