Weekend Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Delayed by days on end of work and a wicked bout of stomach flu or virus or whatever (all I know is I am danged sick right now), we now come to the time for the latest round of the game. This round will be two – two – two rounds in one, twice the vocabulary and twice the fun.

First, Saturday’s Dictionary.com Word of the Day:


And today’s Dictionary.com Word of the Day is:


Now, share one sentence using both words or create separate sentences for each. Take a whirl and have some fun with it! And feel free to comment on other players’ creations.

Because it really makes the most sense in this instance, I’ll go first:

Was Lafitte effete?

Of late, I have been indulging in veneration of Viggo Mortensen.

All eyes are on you: Take a turn.

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