AF&O Poll of the Week

Take part in the poll! Last week’s poll asked, “Will you stop eating US and/or Canadian beef because of the mad-cow scare?”

The results broke down like this:

1) Most poll takers are noncarnivorous to begin with: 28 percent said, “I don’t eat beef anyway.”

2) Twenty-five percent aren’t worried: “Mad cow, schmad cow — pass me a burger.”

3) Seventeen percent say, “I am still weighing my options.”

4) In fourth place, we have a tie between “I will stop eating US beef. Why take chances?” and “Support the US beef industry! Double your steak intake!” Both responses garnered 11 percent of the vote.

5) And finally, eight percent said, “I will give up both — I won’t risk my health.”

Thanks to all for participating at Free Speech Central.

This week’s poll question is: “Do you believe that former US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill is telling the truth that the Bush Administration’s plans to target Iraq predate the September 11 attacks?”

Let us know what you think! Cast your vote in the AF&O Poll of the Week. You’ll find it in the green box in the sidebar to the right. And tell your friends and colleagues to participate — we want to get a wide range of views.

You can vote only once. Results will be available next Sunday, depending on my work schedule.

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2 thoughts on “AF&O Poll of the Week

  1. Absolutely, it’s all about the assasination attempt on Bush Sr. and some other inside oil biz stuff that we’ll never know the half of. Bush Jr. has wanted to attack Iraq since before he became President (err leader of the free world)not just since Sept 11.

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