Monday Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Time for today’s round of the game. Check out the Word of the Day at right and share your own sentence using the word. It’s educational and it’s fun, so play along with us. And feel free to comment on other sentences.

OK, today’s word:


As usual, I’ll go first:

I miss the gustatory delights of steaks and burgers.

Show us what you can do. Take a turn!

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2 thoughts on “Monday Reindeer Game

  1. I’d love to savour once more the gustatory tastes of chocolate!!!
    I miss it, because I’ve been unable to eat ever since I’ve been ill!!
    But I’ve never forgotten that feeling of melting in your mouth and
    being mixed with the saliva!!!


  2. Beef has BSE, fish has mercury, chicken has Newcastle disease,vegetables have pesticide residue; are there no safe gustatory pleasures?

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