Get Up, Stand Up

A collective of 41 Arab American and Muslim organizations has issued an open letter containing challenges for US anti-war activists. Take a read:

On Saturday, January 10, a large, broad coalition met to map out plans for March 20 demonstration activities. The organizations that met included those that initiated and endorsed the March 20 Call to Action: A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition, Al-Awda – the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Arab Muslim American Federation, Free Palestine Alliance, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada and National Lawyers Guild. Other groups that are mobilizing for March 20 were also invited to attend. New York City Labor Against the War, the Campus Anti-War Network and the International Socialist Organization participated in the meeting. United for Peace and Justice sent a message declining to attend.

The demands and political program of the coalition are focused around the Call to Action issued on January 2.

The principles of unity of the coalition include “Bring the troops home now!”, “End colonial occupation from Iraq to Palestine and everywhere!”, “Stop the attacks on civil liberties!”, and “Money for jobs, education, healthcare and housing – Not war!” The coalition is also taking an explicit position opposing internationalizing the occupation of Iraq, instead insisting on the Iraqi people’s unconditional right to exercise self-determination.

The time for taking a stand against the Bush-led invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people is far from over. Check out the information on the March 20 action to mark the first anniversary of the US’ bombing and invasion of Iraq. Please consider taking a stand for justice and peace for all.

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