Very interesting discussion on identity politics, internalized homophobia, and outing over at Blogcritics on Brian Flemming‘s posting, “Homosexuals Sullivan, Drudge silent on publisher’s call for genocide of gays,” which references a fascinating-as-always Mike Signorile NY Press piece. Couple of thoughts: Does it matter whether Matt Drudge is gay? Anyone who supports the genocide and/or the refusal to acknowledge legal equality of GLBT citizens (ala spiritual/legal genocide) is contemptible anyway. Anyone using his or her brain knows that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is hateful and that his odious Washington Times is merely his means to maintain a place within the so-called mainstream press. The fact that so many right wingers praise the Times is proof that they are just as hateful. And self-loathing –fill in oppressed identity group here-? Old news, babe.

Robert Dobbs’ Screaming Points has some cool visuals, including:

Check ’em out!

Ron and Roger tells the story of anti-gay discrimination at an Atlanta golf club.

At Open Source Politics, Loren Webster reports that a recent GOP fund-raiser shows that the relationship between the White House and big business is a match made in environmental hell. And Richard Silverstein wonders whether the US Army hates Muslims.

The Liberal Coalition points to Sooner Thought, which features a review of Modern Jihad and its revelations about Bush, Cheney, the Saudis and the real reasons the US invaded Iraq and sent troops into Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, League of Liberals offers a snippet of a thoughtful article at A-Changing Times that talks about the Dean v. Kucinich phenomenon. Worth a read for sure.

There is a reason that Aaron at Uppity Negro won’t write about politics.

If you, unlike me, are interested in how the Democratic presidential wannabes are stacked these days, Mark A.R. Kleiman has the info you want.

Now, this is interesting: Ms. Musings takes on pulp and gay-themed books.

Last, but certainly not least, Al Muhajabah at Veiled 4 Allah shares news about the gradually growing labor unions movement in Bahrain.