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from dubya's world Yeah, I watched it after all. I always do. And I am sick to my stomach. Should’ve watched “Six Feet Under”…

So how did you like Georgie Porgie’s faith-based stump speech? That is what the State of the Union was, you know, his re-election effort. The Dems had their turn in Iowa; the Shrub had his turn today. His address’s primary message, which obviously was aimed at fundamentalist right wingers: The work of his evil regime (he mentioned others’; I thought it only fair to mention his) is unfinished.

Read the text for yourself.

I love that the Terrorist-in-Chief referred to peaceniks as those who “did not support the liberation of Iraq.” What a jerk Bush is. The statement showed that he is just as slippery with his use of language as Bill Clinton was: calling for the renewal of the un-American PATRIOT Act, noting that “discretionary spending” will be limited (interesting considering what a profligate spender the Shrub has been), but making sure to say that the Death Brigade will have all the resources it needs. Oh — and this was rich — attempting to justify his immoral invasion of Iraq by talking about the weapons of mass destruction he lied about in last year’s SOTU, even though no such things have been found in Iraq. (Of course, the US has plenty of them… Oh, and why didn’t Georgie take the opportunity to console the families of US Death Brigaders who offed themselves after “serving their country”?) And “no ambitions of empire”? America can be taken at its word? Come on!

The White House squatter talked on and on about protecting families — steroids are bad! abstinence is the only way! — yet took the opportunity to slam gay families and to punish those American citizens because they don’t live by other people’s religious beliefs. He even threatened us with the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment (although since Bushie hasn’t the stones to say so directly, he merely alluded to “constitutional process”; he is a wimp just as his dad was reputed to be).

“Unless you act, unless you act, unless you act, the unfair tax on marriage will go back up. Unless you act, millions of families will be charged $300 more in federal taxes for every child. Unless you act, small businesses will pay higher taxes. Unless you act, yhe death tax will come back to life. Unless you act, Americans face a tax increase.”

Oh. My. God. Watch out for the onslaught of right-wing and fundie activism to “save America.”

The rest: Same-old same-old. Again he called for his plan to play Russian roulette with Social Security dollars and to codify giving tax dollars to faith-based organizations.

I didn’t play the SOTU drinking game because I don’t imbibe. I wish I had; between the squatter’s call for “free and fair trade” and his many “new-kyoo-ler”s, I’d be feeling mighty toasty right now. Especially given his ridiculous ending statement that the US is about justice and truth.

Now, from the, er, other side of the aisle: The Demublican response by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Tom Daschle. Three cheers to the Dems in the hall, though (especially Ted Kennedy and excluding Hillary Rodham) for allowing their true feelings show, and for cheering the coming expiration of the PATRIOT Act. While we’re on the subject of the opposition party, here is reaction from some of the Democratic presidential wannabes.

My fave response comes from Iowa loser Howard Dean: “The State of the Union may look rosy from the White House balcony or the suites of George Bush’s wealthiest donors,” said Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. “But hardworking Americans will see through this president’s effort to wrap his radical agenda with a compassionate ribbon.” I hope Dr. Dean is right about that, but pessimistic me thinks most Americans on the left, in the middle, and on the right won’t see through Bushie’s toxic brand of politricks. They haven’t so far.

Bring on the Pepto.

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8 thoughts on “GOP Mendacity Show

  1. Re The State of The Union according to the current inhabitant of the White House: I am disgusted by not at all surprised. The folksy faker, he who sends our young men and women off to die (along with those of the so-called “Coalition”) for causes that only serve to enrich his interests and those of his private fatcat club, makes the same old case we have come to expect from him.

    He lied to the country and the world about the WMD. But he says America’s word is good. Yeah, good to the pockets of Halliburton,et al.

    He must be removed from office. This is why I am so virulently opposed to splinter candidates who cloud the issue and create sideshows. We cannot let future Supreme Court and other crucial nominees and appointees come from a continued Dubyadministration. The bigger picture is the key point in this election.

    Smaller battles of more local and practical import can be waged, and successfully,as well. But the big picture is Dubya versus the one and only candidate of the one and only other major party. No focus can be distracted in that race. No sideshows, no passionate pleas, no heartfelt shows of support that simply remove votes from the one-on-one battle.

    Bush must go. And no matter which of the Dems runs, that is the person to support (even with a clothes pin on one’s nose), come November.

  2. scary numbers

    George W Bush and the real state of the Union Keith provides the lies in the speech: The 50 Lies In Dubya’s Speech Natalie provides comment in her entry, GOP Mendacity Show. * The above two links are courtesy of Negro Please….

  3. scary numbers

    George W Bush and the real state of the Union Keith provides the lies in the speech: The 50 Lies In Dubya’s Speech Natalie provides comment in her entry, GOP Mendacity Show. * The above two links are courtesy of Negro Please….

  4. scary numbers

    After the debacle that was the state of the Union, I find myself in an ever-increasing space of both fear and sadness about the possible future of our country. I want to belive things can change, that they can return to normal…

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