Counter Bush’s “State of the Untrue” Address!

from Progressive Portal:

George Bush’s State of the Union address of 20 Jan. 2004 was riddled with misrepresentations, untruths, fantasies, and fundamentalist dogma. Will it boost his issues in the country and the Congress — or will it fizzle? It’s up to us.

In the next few days, the public, the news media, legislators, and the pundits will be watching for public reaction to the speech. A flood of Letters to the Editor in newspapers around the country blasting the distortions and correcting the untruths can make this the least effective State of the Union address in memory. But we must act fast.

TAKE ACTION! Write a brief, to-the-point Letter to the Editor for your local newspaper. Progressive Portal offers a host of Shrubbie’s statements along with rebutting information. Do your homework and spread the truth! Want to do more than one? Pick another topic and another paper, and go! (Don’t submit identical letters to multiple newspapers; that could get you blacklisted from their letters pages.) Submit to a local or regional paper in your area. For timeliness, send by e-mail, via the newspaper’s Web page for submitting letters, or by fax.

To find addresses for Letters to the Editor, follow the link and enter your ZIP code.

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