Urgent Labor Alert

from the AFL-CIO’s Working Families e-Activist Network

The U.S. Senate will vote again today (Thursday Jan. 22) on another important overtime pay measure. The spending bill successfully blocked on Tuesday is up again for consideration–and it still fails to stop the Bush overtime pay take-away that will hurt millions of ordinary working Americans.

Please call both of your U.S. senators today. Urge them to vote to block any measure that doesn’t protect overtime pay.

Please call senators at the Congressional Switchboard right away! Tell them, “I urge you to support the filibuster of the Omnibus spending bill because it fails to protect overtime pay for millions of people. The U.S. Senate must act to block the Bush overtime pay take-away now before it becomes a gigantic multi-billion dollar pay cut for America’s workers. This is one of the issues I will use to judge your commitment to what I care about.”

Learn more about the overtime pay take-away.

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