Finally carved out some time to do some blog reading and found some very worthy stuff…

Brian Flemming, filmmaker and provocateur, provides an update on that American Family Association gay-marriage poll I told you about last Dec. 16. At that time, the homophobe vote crushed that of decent, justice-loving people, but it seems word spread throughout the ‘Net and progressive types flooded the AFA survey — heh heh heh. And now, as Brian reports, “The anti-equal-rights group American Family Association, which planned to present the results of its online Marriage Poll to Congress, has decided not to, since it would show sentiment running against its anti-equality position 2-1.” Heh heh heh.

In “Daring to Play God,” Tek articulates feelings quite similar to mine after hearing the Shrub’s State of the Union message. The state of the world and the behavior of most of its inhabitants leaves me feeling blue the vast majority of the time. Part of the cost of sticking around and giving a shit… Depression, I think, is part and parcel of being sensitive and caring in an insensitive, uncaring world. (Hugs, Tek. Hang in there.)

LatinoPundit presents a bilinugalist’s response to el mentiroso Shrub’s SOTU. LP cracks me up sometimes; his words are in italics: “‘SANTA FE, N.M. — Gov. Bill Richardson, in a nationally televised Spanish-language speech, said Tuesday that President Bush’s policies have failed to help Hispanics.’ Maybe he feels his message will get across better in Spanish, since appeals in English are fruitless.” Ouch, baby.

Ace humorist Mad Kane, in honor of Dubya’s campaign speech State of the Union address, presents her first interactive crossword puzzle. Give it a go!

And do I feel Maddi Bee’s pain: Writing for Black Commentator, the editorialist describes feeling a “nexus of nausea” while watching Shrub’s SOTU.

Feel better, people! Bush Lies has a pep talk for those of us feeling crushed by the weighty morass of mainstream-Demublican/Republicrat rule: “The policies of this administration are the opposite of what America has always been about. Their plan is to undo 200 years of progress and establish a Republican monarchy. And they say we hate America!” Read it — this piece will serve as a healing salve for your aching progressive soul.

Terrific piece at April Follies: Starting with the timeless and true words of John Kenneth Galbraith, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” April’s “The Pragmatism of Compassion” takes on the error of extreme right-wingers’ thinking. Truth is, and Gandhi knew this too, if you do good for others and act selflessly, you will be doing yourself a mitzvah. Cool, no?

Norbizness at Happy Furry Puppy Story Time has got some moxie. The blog presents a host of wingnut nonsense — catalogued and numbered — from the frightening conservative-bigot site The Corner. Consider it opposition research and steel your stomach.

Thanks, Mark A.R. Kleiman, for pointing me to a Time story that answers my long-held question: Will we ever see some movement in the Plame scandal? Well, as Mark puts it, “the posse is closing in on the bad guys.” ‘Bout damn time.

With endangered-species protection portrayed as the essence of eco-lunacy in anti-environmentalist discourse, should we try to make the face of environmentalism more people-friendly? Open Source Politics’ Stentor Danielson has some thought-provoking ideas on the subject to mark the 30th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act.

Matt Zemek’s Wellstone Cornerstone looks at the Iowa Caucuses, what happened and why, and the controversial Dean speech. Makes me wish Dean would stand for justice, drop the Jim Crow crap, and be a progressive… but — principle be damned — that would be bad politics, wouldn’t it?

Thomas at Gay Opinion Blog presents a Los Angeles Times commentary on Bush’s anti-marriage equality stand by the very smart and funny author, comedy writer, and presumed heterosexual (she cohabited with David Letterman years ago) Merrill Markoe. This is a must-read: I’ve been a Markoe fan for eons — this just makes me love her all the more.

I also love Ms. Musings! The feminist blog takes on the still often-chauvanistic world of sports and the mixed messages sent to young female athletes. Girls and women of sport: Do and play what you want. Be who you are. Bow to no one. And excel.

And rich or poor, it doesn’t matter when discrimnation and injustice comes to call. Democratic Veteran notices that while South Dakota Rep. Bill Janklow recently was sentenced to 100 days in jail for the vehicular homicide of a motorcyclist, Martha Stewart faces up to a year behind bars for suspected securities violations. Janklow, DV points out, is reputed to be a family-values Republican; Stewart is a Democratic Party donor — and, I must add, an uppity female. Grrr… Another pep talk, anyone?

Activism makes the perfect pump-up, and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has an assignment for you, courtesy of the National Organization for the Repeal of Marijuana Laws.