Dean: Still Unqualified, but We Love His Spouse

Drs. Howard Dean and Judith Steinberg You know what? I’ve changed my mind. Since Howard Dean’s out-there Iowa concession speech (see below) took place, I have seen the tape replayed time and time again. And the more I see it, the more it becomes apparent to me that the Vermont doc is having fun — what looks like a fit of rabies is good old-fashioned passion. And damn it, I had fun and got riled up watching it over and over and over again. I can not support Dean on principle — those who don’t support equality for all under law will not get my vote — but wow, it’s great to see a pol who really, truly cares about what he or she is doing and about his or her supporters. I believe Dean cares.

Letterman and Kilborn may laugh at Dean. Sexist pig and snob Maureen Dowd may pass judgment on the former governor’s rare-for-politics marriage of equals (we love Dr. Judith Steinberg — just as she is; please don’t let those idiots change her into a Stepford Dem wife!). And no, I can’t in good conscience support the candidacy of Dr. Steinberg’s spouse.

But I must say I do like Howard Dean — perhaps more now than ever. Provided he doesn’t convince his spouse to become a clone of Teresa Heinz Effin’ Kerry.


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One thought on “Dean: Still Unqualified, but We Love His Spouse

  1. Thanks for remembering Dr. Steinberg’s surname. Everyone seems to be having so many problems – “what do we call them, ‘Governor and Mrs. Dean’? ‘Doctors Dean’?” – and I’m just thinking “if you feel you really need to use honorifics and surnames, it’s ‘Doctors Dean and Steinberg’; otherwise, ‘Howard Dean and his wife Judy Steinberg’ should do fine.”

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