Poll Possibilities

Newsweek‘s latest political poll shows there is hope for those who don’t want Bush in the White House. The news in brief:

Kerry Leads Dems With 30 Percent; Edwards Follows at 13 Percent; Dean Slips, Even With Clark at 12 Percent

52 Percent of Voters Don’t Want to See Bush Re-Elected (44% Do), 37 Percent Strongly Want to See Him Re-Elected, 47 Percent Strongly Do Not

But a Large Majority (78%) Says That it is Very Likely (40%) or Somewhat Likely (38%) That he Will Get a
Second Term

Now, how do we get Americans to prize justice, to embrace equality, to opt for a candidate who will work for people and for peace and not for corporate interests and dreams of empire? How do we convince them to choose the progressive voice?

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