Count’ Em: 10 Possible Felonies. At Least.

Attorneys for right-wing talk-show host Rush Limbaugh are working hard to keep their client out of the clink. Last month, they urged Palm Beach County, FL, prosecutors to allow El Rushbo to enter drug rehab rather than face criminal charges for his prescription drug abuse. Yes, I know he’s already done the rehab bit — and so do prosecutors, who shot down the Limbaugh team’s idea. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, there is possible evidence that the radio talker, who has said repeatedly on-air that convicted drug addicts should go to jail, committed at least 10 felonies by illegally obtaining multiple, overlapping drug prescriptions.

Despite this, prosecutors were willing to give the Maharushi a bit of a break:

They offered to end the investigation if Limbaugh pleaded guilty to a single felony for “doctor shopping” and agreed to a three-year term of probation, a deal that Limbaugh’s Miami attorney Roy Black called “preposterous” on Thursday.

Preposterous? Now, I don’t favor putting people away for drug use. But I’m with Al Franken, who guested on “Late Night with David Leterman” last night and said that given Limbaugh’s professed beliefs, he should insist on serving the maximum time — of his own free will. Indeed. Anything less would indeed be preposterous — and, for Limbaugh, hypocritical.

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