The Right-Wing Road to Ruin

Please check out an excellent commentary in the UK’s Guardian, in which writer, investor and philanthropist George Soros tells it straight — “it” being what AF&O and many voices have been saying all along: Religious fundamentalism in the US has become too powerful, and as a result, this nation is ruled by dangerous extremists who will do or say anything to achieve their foul aims.

[W]e have been deceived. When he stood for election in 2000, President Bush promised a humble foreign policy. I contend that the Bush administration has deliberately exploited September 11 to pursue policies that the American public would not have otherwise tolerated. The US can lose its dominance only as a result of its own mistakes. At present the country is in the process of committing such mistakes because it is in the hands of a group of extremists whose strong sense of mission is matched only by their false sense of certitude.

This distorted view postulates that because we are stronger than others, we must know better and we must have right on our side. That is where religious fundamentalism comes together with market fundamentalism to form the ideology of American supremacy.

Do read the article, which is an extract from Soros’ new book, The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power, whose primary goal is “to persuade the American public to reject … Bush in the forthcoming elections.”

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