Double Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Work. Again. So, a double round of the game:

First, Saturday’s Word of the Day:


And Sunday’s Word of the Day is:


Now, share one sentence using both words or create separate sentences for each. Take the challenge and have some fun with it!

My turn:

Both spouses were plagued by miasma-clouded psyches, which helped them share a most unlikely rapport.

Your turn!

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One thought on “Double Reindeer Game

  1. In the words of Vanilla Ice: “I can’t get miasma in gear doing this rapport hiphop stuff that somes, uh, naturalifically to me, or something like that, yo, bro, peas-out, audi.”

    BTW, Vanilla Ice is now spreading the word, I mean, “The Word” and has become born again. Imagine that, Vanilla Ice born again. And one would think his mother was already troubled enough by the kid.

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