Bye-Bye, Super Size Fries

I am ambivalent about McDonald’s restaurants’ decision to phase out its obesity-causing super-size fries and drinks. Those mongo-sized portions of french fries were so massive, they offered enough potato strips to last a week. (Then again, the fries turned rubbery and tasteless after about 10 minutes.) The fast-food chain ostensibly is making the change in order to lessen its role (though not its complicity) in the ever-expanding waistline of America, and there may be truth in that. At the same time, a generation of people are conditioned to eating more fries than any human should be able to handle. I wonder if a little corporate chicanery is at work here: Who is to say that after the gargantuan offerings are pulled, plenty of folks won’t resort to buying two or three orders of regular- or large-sized fries at one sitting to get their fill? And should that come to pass, who will profit? (Can you hear the scary hamburger clown grinning maniacally as he chants repeatedly, “Ca-ching“?) Is this a great day for the potato? Time will tell.

Love your body. Avoid Mickey D's.

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