GI Resister Stephen Funk in Baltimore

If you are in Baltimore, you won’t want to miss this event — I’m going to move heaven and earth to g et there myself. Last year, former US Marine Stephen Funk was imprisoned at Camp Lejeune brig for the “crime” of standing up for peace and against being part of the Death Brigade (officially, for going AWOL rather than participating in the invasion on Iraq). After serving six months, this brave young man was released recently, and tonight he will speak about his experiences and about the importance of taking the risk of standing against war and violence. Also speaking at tonight’s presentation will be a representative of the upcoming “Student Strike” and Dustin Langley, a SNAFU organizer and Navy vet. Additionally, hear important information on upcoming protests against the U.S. coup in Haiti, International Women’s Day, and pick up your bus tickets for the March 20 Global Day of Protest to be held in Washington, DC.

The event will be held at 7 PM at the All Peoples Congress Hall at 426 E. 31st St. Be there, aloha. I hope to see you there.

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One thought on “GI Resister Stephen Funk in Baltimore

  1. Sorry Natalie but I think this guy is an idiot. From what I heard of the case last year he grew up in an extremely left-wing environment yet was shocked to find that the army had to fight people. He also doesn’t support the rights of gays in the military because he’s against the military, while I agree with the latter sentiment I don’t think that’s an excuse for prejudice over the former.

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