Paying the Piper

In honor of tax day, a joke:

Why won’t sharks attack employees of the Internal Revenue Service?

Professional courtesy.


But seriously, folks, here is some actually productive stuff you can do to mark the day that the tyrannical gummint takes money from your pocket to fund invasions, smaller-scale state-sanctioned killings, corporate welfare, and all manner of immorality.

  1. Progressive Portal notes that the Friends Committee on National Legislation has its eye on the US Congress and its upcoming work on the proposed
    federal budget for fiscal year 2005. The groups warns: “Unless the House/Senate conference committee now considering it makes drastic and unexpected changes, the budget resolution will once again sharply increase military spending, allow previously enacted tax cuts for the wealthiest households to be made permanent at a future date, and cut most other federal programs by tens of billions over the next several years.”

    FNCL wants you to pay a Tax Day visit to lawmakers at their DC or local offices and insist that they shift budget priorities away from the Death Brigade and toward programs that promote international law and cooperation, disarmament and diplomacy, human development and social justice. Alternately, send them letters or phone them at the Congressional Switchboard, (202) 224-3121.

  2. The Human Rights Campaign wants you to talk back on Tax Day. Write or call your lawmakers and tell them, quite frankly, that GLBT Americans are taxed like you and other Americans — they should be treated the same! Demand that senators and representatives stand against amending the US Constitution to legislate inequality. Let them know two things are certain: Taxes and your support for equal rights for ALL. And sign a pledge to support only candidates who stand for equality.

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