Hey now, crew members. This is the first posting from AF&O’s new digs at Bloghost.

If you are new here, welcome. This blog and site offers, well, all facts and opinions: progressive news along with commentary from myself and others (including, I hope, you). It is also a place to find progressive-liberal-pacifist activism alerts and information; musings on music, movies, and such; and anything else that strikes me. If you’re looking for a one-topic site, this isn’t it; AF&O has a running theme of progressivism, but its subject matter will run the gamut. Postings from 2001-on reside here; take a look back and see where we have been. (Apologies in advance for any broken links and missing images.) Then visit regularly and ride with us into the future.

If you have visited us before, welcome back (and please revise your bookmarks and links — we are now at What you will notice is that I am melding AF&O with my long-running do-gooding effort The Armchair Activist — what this means is that the alerts and activism resources offered by ARMACT will now be posted here, as will elements of the site that started my life on the Web, Grateful Dread. At this point, it makes sense to me to put everything in one place. The streamlining will allow me to post more regularly and allow interested folks to find information more easily.

In the meantime, consider us in business but under construction. If links aren’t going where they should, they will be operable before long. This moving business is sometimes a long and laborious process — that becomes doubly true when one is realinging material on multiple webhosts and switching domain locations. But then, change and reconfiguration is nothing new for this passion of mine.

A little history: Those who have been with us for eons may recall that AF&O started as the Grateful Dread Bulletin Board back in 1996. From there, it morphed into Grateful Dread on the Web (which still exists on Blogger) in ’98, and then expanded to include The Armchair Activist and the news/commentary site Facts and Opinions (on various webhosts). FANDO became a blog on Blogger, then became All Facts and Opinions in 2001. Last year, AF&O and ARMACT, along with my Kynd Life lifestyle-and-recipe blog, found homes on Typepad. Now, as one unit (and before long, parts of Grateful Dread will be absorbed into this entity as well), we reside at Bloghosts using the Movable Type interface. I imagine the look will evolve over the next month, but for now, I am trying this blue and white face.

My goals remain the same: To inform, to inspire folks to get involved with making a better world, to create a little beauty in an increasingly ugly world, to have a little fun from time to time, and to express myself on a variety of subjects. My hopes have not changed either: I want equality for myself and all people. I want the planet protected and violence stopped. I want to see my kids and yours grow up in a peaceful, loving world that will nurture them.

One more wish: I hope you’ll take part in this glorious quest and visit AF&O often. We ain’t Atrios or Calpundit — and we don’t intend to be — but good stuff happens here.

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