Hubba Hubba Timeout Times Two

Update: In all of the excitement, I jumped the gun — Hugh was born on Oct. 12, 1968. Oops.

This necessitates a rerun of my birthday greeting to the Aussie hunk (with a different photo), along with another birthday greeting that will follow.

Hugh Jackman, the standard for male beauty

It’s Hugh Jackman’s birthday — why not give myself a gift?

Happy, happy birthday, Hugh. And let’s hope that Wolverine thing gets the green light.

(By the way, the E! article linked says Jackman is an Emmy winner — E! is mistaken. The Australian-born stage and screen star actually won the Best Actor in a Musical Tony Award earlier this year for his electrifying turn as songwriter-entertainer Peter Allen in the now-closed The Boy from Oz.)

AND, if memory serves me right, it is also the birthday of another multitalented and gorgeous human: Tanjoubi omedetou to Takeshi Kaga, the acclaimed Japanese actor-singer best known internationally as the host, from 1993-1999, of the wild cooking-competition TV show “Iron Chef.” Yeah, I am a bit obsessed with him at present; I am not alone in this.

Kaga Takeshi as The Chairman  Kaga Takeshi as himself

While I share Simone Maxwell’s fascination (okay, and lust) for this intriguing man, I must take issue with a couple of points she made in the piece linked above. Look upward at those photos: Kaga is that attractive. Oh. Yes. He. Is. And “underemployed Japanese Broadway actor”??? The man has made a host of big- and small-screen films and was honored with Japan’s Academy Award for his work in the 1984 film Majan Horoki (The Diary of Gamblers.) And he’s still busy. Last I heard, Kaga-san was hosting the Japanese version of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” (there, it’s called “Time Shock 21”), and he recently starred in the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde. Read more about this accomplished thespian and check out more Kaga photos — if you can stand it. Hubba hubba, indeed. Nine hours to go until the next IC ep airs on Food Network…

Have a happy one, Kaga-san. Gotta go get a cold drink. Jackman, Kaga… it’s all too much.

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