There Remains Impeachment

No More Mister Nice Guys - Let's Put War Criminal and Liar Bush Where He Belongs -- Out of Office and In Prison Millions of people had hoped the recent US presidential election would take care of that nasty White House infestation. As you know, efforts by Democrats and progressives fell slightly short — so the problem continues. We can moan and wail over our defeat at the hands of Chrisian fundamentalists and ignoramuses. We can even take a moment to see the silver lining inside the dark cloud of Nov. 2. But whatever our outlook on what happened, it is clear that, as progressive Vietnam vet John Cory writes, we must take decisive action for change. Dems should follow the advice of Paul Krugman: “Democrats shouldn’t cave in to Mr. Bush when he tries to appoint highly partisan judges – even when the effort to block a bad appointment fails, it will show supporters that the party stands for something. They should gear up for a bid to retake the Senate or at least make a major dent in the Republican lead. They should keep the pressure on Mr. Bush when he makes terrible policy decisions, which he will.” And we can pursue a once-abandoned path — one many find to be legitimate, one that merits attention from responsible citizens: working to impeach Bush.

How can we suggest impeaching a president who just “won” the popular vote? Well, Bonnie and Clyde were popular but they broke the law and they had to face justice. Bush has broken several laws including the US Constitution, the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Charter, and the Geneva Convention. His actions have resulted in many tens of thousands of deaths and place this country [and the world] in grave peril. We must consider all legal means to prevent him from doing any more damage to this country. I don’t think we can survive another four more years. We must impeach George Bush now!

Impeach Bush offers a list of actions you can take to help move the impeachment train forward.

Some history of the movement to impeach Dubya Bush:

In October 2002, following speeches by Vice President Cheney calling for a preventive war against Iraq, Prof. Francis A. Boyle, a leading US expert in international law, set up a national campaign to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft. On March 11, 2003, Congressman John Conyers, ranking member of the House judiciary committee that has jurisdiction over any bill of impeachment, called for a meeting in Washington, DC to discuss
introducing a draft bill of impeachment. Forty to fifty of his top legal advisors met with Boyle and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, and weighed and reviewed the case for impeachment.

The case was argued on its merits: violations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights, the UN Charter, international law, etc. There is, today, a second, revised draft bill of impeachment sitting on Capitol Hill, ready to go.

With an expanded military campaign imminent and the prospect of World War III looming on the horizon, a powerful nationwide movement to impeach George W. Bush is only a matter of time.

IMPEACH BIN BUSH AND BIN CHENEY As Prof. Boyle writes in his book Destroying World Order, “In international legal terms, the Bush Jr. administration should be viewed as constituting an ongoing criminal conspiracy under international criminal law in violation of the Nuremberg Charter, the Nuremberg Judgment, and the Nuremberg Principles, due to its formulation and undertaking of war policies which are legally akin to those perpetrated by the Nazi regime in pre-World War II Germany.”

We gave the electoral system a chance and came up short. It appears the time to push impeachment has come. Take a look at Prof. Boyle’s draft impeachment resolution. Do the research and search your soul. Then, for the good of America and truly American values — justice, peace, freedom, environmentalism, and equality — commit to making regime change happen. If we wait until 2008, we may be too late to save this nation and the world from the terror that is Bush. Keep up the dissent.

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