The Evildoers

Rummy Rumsfeld's view of the world -- US v. Them... and 'we' want to control Them and bend Them to 'our' will John Ashcroft may be going bye-bye, but there are plenty of right-wing rascals — in addition to the Shrub and bin Cheney — who threaten all that is good and decent in the US.

It’s Saturday morning, and while I am in Massachusetts now, I suspect my son is watching the anime ‘toon “Pókemon,” which features the dastardly Team Rocket, whose stated mission seems to come straight from the Bush Thug playbook:

To protect [our] world from devastaion,
To unite all people within our nation,
To denounce the evil of truth and love,
To extend our reach to the stars above…
Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Good always triumphs over Team Rocket’s evil in this children’s fiction. Not so in the real world.

Political analyst Jim Lobe, commenting for Foreign Policy in Focus and its Project Against the Present Danger, writes about the bad guys and their evil plot.

A neo-conservative with longstanding ties to top hawks in the administration of … George W. Bush has laid out what he calls “a checklist of the work the world will demand of this president and his subordinates in a second term.” The list, which begins with the destruction of Fallujah in Iraq and ends with the development of “appropriate strategies” for dealing with threats posed by China, Russia and “the emergence of a number of aggressively anti-American regimes in Latin America,” also calls for “regime change” in Iran and North Korea.

The list’s author, Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Centre for Security Policy (CSP), also warns that Bush should resist any pressure arising from the demise of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to resume peace talks that could result in Israel’s giving up “defensible boundaries.”

While all seven steps listed by Gaffney in an article published on November 5, 2004 in the National Review Online have long been favored by prominent neo-cons, the article itself, “Worldwide Value,” is the first comprehensive compilation to emerge since Bush’s re-election Tuesday.

It is also sure to be contested, not just by Democrats who, with the election behind them, are poised to take a more anti-war position on Iraq, but by many conservative Republicans in Congress. They blame the neo-cons for failing to anticipate the quagmire in Iraq and worry their grander ambitions, like those expounded by Gaffney, will bankrupt the Treasury and break an already-overextended military.

Do read Lobe’s entire piece and familiarize yourself with the fate for which 51 percent of the nation’s participating voters cast their ballots.

And keep watch on these baddies as they reach for the stars above:

In addition to Cheney and [Defense Secretary Donald]Rumsfeld, he cited the most clearly identified — and controversial — neo-conservatives serving in the administration: Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby; his top Middle East advisors, John Hannah and David Wurmser; weapons-proliferation specialist Robert Joseph and top Mideast aide Elliott Abrams, on the National Security Council (NSC). Also on the roster are: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Undersecretary for Policy Douglas Feith; Feith’s top Mideast aide William Luti, in the Pentagon; Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton, and for global issues, Paula Dobriansky at the State Department. … [There are also] former Defense Policy Board (DPB) chairman, Richard Perle, who has been close to Gaffney since both of them served, along with Abrams, in the office of Washington State Senator Henry M. Jackson in the early 1970s.

You can find Gaffney’s National Review piece here. Take a read, and remember: The present danger is large, looming, and all too real. Stay alert and never surrender.

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