Comment Craziness

Sometimes I think the (forced) move to a new server and the subsequent upgrade to Movable Type 3.121 with Typekey comment verification was just not worth the trouble. Since the changeover (11/12/04) and the commenting has been seriously buggy, comment spam (which, thankfully, has not appeared live) has plagued me on the administrative end. Consider me less than impressed with MT and its maker, Six Apart, right now.

But here is a little good news: The commenting system appears to be operational now. I encourage you to comment — and it should be easy. You have the option of registering theough Typekey, which will enable your comments to go “live” right away. Or you have the option of not registering. A reader’s first unregistered comment must be approved before it will be visible on the site, but after that (fingers croxsed), you should not need to be moderated.

You can actually help me out in this regard: If you are not a comment-spam scumbag, please pick a post and comment on it. If you have Typekey, sign in — or consider registering. If you opt not to register, please comment on two or three different posts. This will allow me to test the works and make sure everything is up to snuff. I have tested on my end, but some outside help will ensure that all is well.

I thank you in advance for your assistance and for your patience.

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10 thoughts on “Comment Craziness

  1. OK, I have found a glitch. When an unregistered comment is made, even after the first comment made is done successfully, the system still requires moderation of new comments by that user. I am trying to fix this. Grrrr.

  2. I would recomment registration at this point — if you visit and comment at more than a few MT blogs, it will make your life easier.

    By the way, the reason I have enabled moderation (even if it is buggy) for unregistered comments is because it is the only way I have to keep spamscum off of the site. I hope you understand.

  3. Thanks, Thomas (and all). I will check out those sites and — though the prospect of another reinstall fills me with dread — look for MT 1.4. As things stand, things only run smoothest for those who register. Otherwise, every damned comment needs be moderated before going live. I don’t like this, but with the spammers on high attack, I have no other option until a solution can be found.

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