Were Condi’s Fingers Crossed?

condi sultry.jpg US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, if nominated, will not run for president, and if elected, she will not serve. So she said today after being battered with the same question over and over by the super-aggressive Tim Russert, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The Associated Press agrees with my opinion as viewer: Rice was quite clear in her insistence that she won’t be on the 2008 GOP ticket.

Of course, Dr. Rice is well-known for not telling the truth, so we shall see what we shall see when the next campaign begins…

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8 thoughts on “Were Condi’s Fingers Crossed?

  1. what does that mean, if shes elected she wont serve? how could she be elected unless she was nominated and ran? unless the GOP has some other major changes in store. i personally still think schwarzeneggers gonna run, and win

  2. In badgering Rice on the issue, Russert quoted 19th century author William Sherman, who famously said, “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.” Rice danced around the issue as if she were trying to avoid saying anything definitive that might be held against her in the future: “I don’t intend to run.” “I don’t want to be president.” “I don’t want to run.” Finally, under a great deal of pressure from Russert, she broke. “I will not run. I won’t run. I am William Sherman.” It was hilarious, in a way.

    And I don’t believe her either.

  3. She’s not running and Arnold certainly isn’t running unless an amendment to the Constitution is passed that alows him to do so, which would be almost impossible to get passed. But, both would certainly be better and more qualified than pretty much anyone in the Democratic Party. Now if we could just get Hillary not to break her promise not to run then we’d really be getting somewhere.

  4. Precisely my thought. She may be stating what she truly believes, but given her track record, why should we believe her? And honestly, would she say no if her party leadership came to her and begged her to take on, say, Hillary Rodham for the sake of “serving her country”? I don’t think so — she seems hellbent on being seen as a super patriot. It *was* interesting to see her admit on national TV that she believes government ought to keep out of the abortion issue, though.

    Ms. Evans, you make a good point, but consider this. What does the most bigoted GOP loyalist do if presented with a choice between Condi Rice and Hillary Rodham Clinton? I don’t gamble, but odds are, IMO, that he/she would take a deep breath and vote for Dr. Rice. Keep in mind that the only party to put two brown-colored humans in the highly visible position of secretary of state. The Dems can’t say that, even with all their talk about being the only suitable party (ha!) for those with excess amounts of melanin.

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