Alert: Two Ways to Address Bush’s $82B Request

Feeling conflicted over Dubya Bush’s proposal to invest even more of your money into the Iraq occupation? We present two ways to take action, one for pacifists and anti-war types and another for more mainstream do-gooders. Take your pick, but please take action!

The US House of Representatives is preparing to vote on the Bush Administration’s request for an additional $82 billion to fund the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The vote could come as early as today. The very idea chills me to the marrow: Each day the occupation endures, the Bushies spend more than $200 million of taxpayers’ dollars to fund war and occupation in Iraq. 100,000 Iraqis have died. More than 1,500 American soldiers have been killed; in excess of 15,000 Iraqis have been slain. Thousands more humans have been wounded. In the opinion of many peace-seekers, not one more dime should be spent on Bush’s criminal wars, occupations and torture programs.

Imagine the good $82 billion could do instead. According to the ANSWER Coalition, a number of acutally worthwhile things could be accomplished:

  • Proposed budget cuts for 150 federal social programs could be restored to help the poor and working poor.

  • Schoolkids might have a chance to not be left behind: Forty-eight education programs Dubya wants to nuke could go forward, and about 1.5 million much-needed new elementary-school teachers could be hired.

  • More than 14 million uninsured workers could receive the health insurance they desperately need.
  • Medicare could get the boost it needs to thelp the poor and elderly.
  • Fourteen million low-income families could receive the housing vouchers — and the shot at a decent life — that they need.

Now, you may not be a fan of International ANSWER or of all the points on its agenda. But if you agree with the idea that the US presence in Iraq is unconscionable, you must do what is right. If you oppose the $82 billion Supplemental Request as a way of speaking out against the continued occupation of Iraq and the wanton spending of working people’s money for death and conquest, take action here, and do it now.

Of course, if you can not stand with the ANSWER Coalition, or if you are of a middle-of-the-road bent, meaning you are OK with sending more money to Iraq IF concrete plans are being made to get the US out of that country, you can take action as well.

The following action alert comes from True Majority and Working Assets’ Act for Change:

As early as today, the US House of Representatives will vote on [George W. Bush]’s request for $82 billion to pay for the ongoing military occupation of Iraq. It’s time for Congress to stand up to [Bush] and his advisors and say that there will be no more money for Iraq without a clear strategy for withdrawal.

Despite the capture of Saddam, the transfer of nominal sovereignty, and initial elections for a national assembly, the quagmire in Iraq continues. Yet Bush refuses to specify when the US will exit the country it invaded. Literally billions of dollars in [Bush]’s latest request will be used to build permanent bases that will extend the occupation indefinitely.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Urge your member of Congress to insist on a clear exit strategy before approving the $82 billion supplemental funding bill for the Iraq quagmire.

Whichever approach moves you, resonates with you and your conscience, inspires you, please take action right away.

And, by the way, get out of the house on March 19 to Stand for Peace. We can all agree on the need for world peace, right?

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