Cambridge, Day One: Road Trip Begins

Howdy, crew members. I write from Cambridge, MA, the site of the Center for New Words‘ 2005 Women and Media Conference. I will be serving as a presenter at two seminars tomorrow: One focuses on feminist publishing and its future; the other centers around pushing female voices in cyberspace. If you are planning on being here for what should be an enlightening weekend, I hope to get an opportunity to say hi. If not, I do intend to blog about what I see and hear at the conference. With any luck, it will be interesting. And if you have any ideas on how to build a feminist movement online and in the world — are we getting into the fourth wave now? — please share in comments and I can share your idea with the many remarkable women present. Tonight, I will get to hear Medea Benjamin of Code Pink for Peace, who will be delivering a keynote address. I am definitely looking forward to that. But right now, after hours in airports and way too much money spent in cabfares, I am off to explore Cambridge. Specifically, I must find coffee — there is a Starbucks in the hotel — and a Rite-Aid. As my Christiane would say, later-bye!

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