Drug of Stupid Choice

I am not one to tell people what drugs they can or can not ingest. Number one, the authority to do so does not belong to me. And frankly, what one human decides to do with his or her body is not my business. Whether your drug of choice is a martini or a pill, so long as what you do affects no one else, have at it, if you are willing to accept any consequences that may arise.

Law-enforcement efforts to force people to avoid drugs the control-freak government deems unacceptable are nothing short of unforgivable. I certainly recommend obeying the law to stay out of prison, but I have no problem with stating my deeply held belief that the law is irrational and that the “War on Drugs” is an absolute failure and that it violates the very notion of humans’ free will. But that doesn’t mean that I condone irresponsible drug abuse. Not at all: If you take a toke and then get behind the wheel of a car, you ought to be in jail for DUI. If you drink a couple of brewskis before heading to work, you should lose your job. And if you know that abuse of a particular substance could lead to the spread of disease, you have a responsibility to educate people.

Kudos, then, to GLBT leaders across the US for taking action to educate people about the potential perils of crystal methamphetamine. As the web site Medical News Today notes, “Crystal meth — which can be snorted, smoked or injected — is a popular ‘party drug’ that breaks down inhibitions, raises energy levels and increase sexual activity, therefore raising the risk of HIV transmission, according to the AP/[Las Vegas] Sun.” Meth has become the drug of choice for too many young people who, under its influence, make terrible decisions that could lead to the spread of a particularly dangerous strain of HIV/AIDS.

Do check out the Medical News Today piece to read about gay leaders’ efforts throughout the US to teach people about the dangers of crystal meth; goddess bless them and their work. The gummint could learn a bit: There are ways to combat irresponsible use without having to bring in the cops or the feds. Here’s one I suggest to anyone struggling with a crystal-meth addiction: Crystal Meth Anonymous. Whether you use or don’t is your business, but get the facts, eh?

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