Domain Distress

Well, this has been quite the interesting few days. If you’ve attempted to surf by in the past few, you’ve noticed that AF&O has been down. Turns out the domain name expired without me noticing (busy jobhunting of late, so I haven’t checked email). Then I had to come up with the scratch to renew — not an easy task. Finally accomplished this: The site is back. I’ll play catchup over the next couple of days.

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5 thoughts on “Domain Distress

  1. Welcome back! I had clicked on your link in my blogroll a number of times earlier in the month and I was afraid you were down for good.
    I’ll make you part of my normal tour of the web again!

  2. Hi Natalie – I’m new to the blogosphere, but liked your non-simplistic view of the Pope. I share your perspective on his – pontificacy? That can’t be right… HOPE WHAT FOLLOWS is readable – the paragraphs don’t seem to be coming out on your blog when I preview…

    I’ve been something of an activist in the healthcare area while my body’s been even more active in the progressive disease area( Hope you can find a job that’s both meaningful and remunerative.

    What follows is an excerpt from my post of yesterday. What da ya think?


    I think this is the manner in which faith constructively enters the realm of action, including politics:

    When it brings us personal strength and motivation.

    When it moves us in a spirit of good will and humility to engage in respectful dialogue with others as full brothers, sisters, and equals.

    When we recognize that God’s will is not something that we carry in our own hip pocket, but something that emerges in time as we constructively engage with the wider world.

    In what sense should faith stay out of politics?

    When it’s not faith. When it’s politics posing as faith by making use of a lot of God-talk. In particular:

    When we identify the will of God with specific political agendas and platforms concerning which persons of good will may reasonably differ.

    Even worse, when we identify it with specific planks in the platform.

    Still worse, when we identify the will of God with planks that we help to install in the platform for the love of money and power.

    Persons of faith have wondered how to take the “religious” football out of the hands of the far right. I’d suggest that we start by distinguishing faith from politics that masquerades as faith.


  3. About time you finally made the job move, you’ve been hating that job for quite a while now. Can’t help you with any tips, though. If I run across any meaningful, ethical work out here, I’m grabbing it for myself.

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