American Idol: Did the US Vote for the Worst?

An idea pierced the calm of my post-American Idol sleep early this morning: Could those nogoodniks at Vote for the Worst have had something to do with the inferior artist and performer taking the singing-contest crown last night?

Vote for the Worst is the destructive force that kept contestant Scott Savol on the show for far longer than he deserved to be. After Savol’s long-delayed expulsion from AI, the VFTW baddies, naughty scamps that they are, had to go forward in their goal to keep “bad singers in the competition” in an effort to stick it to the American Idol powers that be. Would they use their evil powers to boost Carrie over Bo in their insidious plot to vote for the worst?

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, it appears VFTW may have played at least a small role in the anointing of the Mediocre Maiden from Oklahoma. Its site is talking smack about it today:


Hate to say we told you so… Bo and Carrie final 2? Farmbot wins? Hmmm… who called this a long time ago. That’s ok, it’s still a Vote for the Worst victory! Carrie warbled her way into the finals and then it was all rigged to help her win anyway. Thanks to the Independent in England for exposing the fact that American Idol was probably rigged, now let’s see the backlash! Make sure to tell everyone to check out our scandals page. Poor Carrie, an unwitting accomplise [sic]. Then again, she never seemed that bright on the show anyway…

Underwood’s ascendance, if not rigged, seems to have been predestined: Between VFTW, the hypnotic powers Simon Cowell has over the stupid and gullible, last week’s Independent story announcing that Carrie was the winner, America’s insistence on mediocrity at all costs, people who abandoned Bo Bice after news of his past drug arrests, and genuine Carrie fans, a true artist like Bice could not stand a chance. I actually read a ‘Net message forum comment from some stupid US hausfrau who said that after single mom Fantasia Barrino won last year, it was time to reward a proper role model who had never made mistakes. Hey, if she hit bum notes (and most of them were bad in her atrocious final competition performances), as judge Paula Abdul said, “Who cares?”

Actually, some people do care. Especially about that bit involving the Independent, which is owned by Fox, which broadcasts American Idol. But whatever — it’s over. Carrie got the crown; Bo rode the AI vehicle to a massive international audience and escaped without being too badly scarred (I hope) by his brief association with 19 Entertainment, the firm behind the Idol moneymaking machine. Arguably, both singers won, and the Vote for the Worst saboteurs saw the lesser talent take the prize, so they won too.

Victory for all? Well, perhaps for all but the deluded Corey Clark. Thank god it’s only a TV show…

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5 thoughts on “American Idol: Did the US Vote for the Worst?

  1. Don’t worry about Bo America. He got what he wanted out of AI. His friends here in Alabama know that he did not need to win. Better if he did not have to jump thru AI hoops for that contract. Bo’s quote was “AI is a POP music contest and that is an avenue I don’t want to go down. All Bo wants is for America to know who Bo Bice is and the chance to get his original music to the public. We believe he has more than met his goal. Now just watch out America to see what he can REALLY do! New Hope loves you Bo. We can’t wait to see you again. MUCH LOVE!

  2. Why do I suck, Nunya? Because we disagree? Gee, that’s harsh.

    No, I’m not a Carrie fan. So what? I congratulate and wish her well. Vonzell too. I don’t assume that you suck, but your post does. Still, I wish you peace.

    Thanks Tararaven and J Fisher for your thoughts.

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