Hail Britannia

My first thought this morning, after my stomach had returned from my toes back to its usual position, was that following last Saturday’s Live 8 concert and yesterday’s Olympics announcement, Londoners were too happy for Al-Qaeda’s woeful wankers to stand it. The Brits are a strong people; they won’t allow this terrorist attack to defeat them. Still, this morning’s rush-hour tragedy that took at least 37 lives and wounded more than 700 people feels all too familiar.

Sites of London's bloodiest peacetime attack from the Guardian; click graphic to read story

For me, this horrific event brings back that sunny morning of Sept. 11 to me: New York is my US hometown; abroad, London is my home city. Man, this hurts. Right now, I am trying to track down one of my best friends. And terrified. And sick. And angry. How many times have I trundled mindlessly along in the tube… walked through a couple of the very stations that were hit. Yeah, they are cowards. Cowards.

Goddess bless us all, and particularly those in the UK, those who were family and friends of those killed or wounded. Let peace reign… not retaliation, but peace.

Quoting Dan Fogelberg, “How much blood upon this earth must spill before we lay our weapons down?”