London Calling: A Time for Peace

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with us. The world, for the most part, is in mourning for the horrific attacks that took place in London this morning. In case you were sleeping, England’s biggest city was rocked by a series of bombings on the mass-transit system that took at least 37 lives and injured upwards of 700 people. An al-Qaeda group is claiming responsibility for the suicide bombings on three Underground stations and one doubledecker bus.

Tooling around the ‘Net, I have seen the usual sad commentary from reputedly decent people: Let’s strike back with impunity and viciousness. Let’s get revenge for Britain’s 9/11. And to hell with “political correctness,” let’s round up Muslims, shut down their businesses and mosques, and ship ’em back to their caves.

Oh my god, just deport Muslims? React viciously?

As the song goes, WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN????

Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. Al-Qaeda hit London, the West will hit back, al-Qaeda will strike again, the West will react with retaliation again, lather, rinse, repeat… And Western people and al-Qaeda will hate even more, creating more terrorists from both sides. It’s pathological!

For the record, Muslims died today too. One of the bombs went off in the Edgeware Road Underground station — which is in a predominantly Arab neighborhood. And Muslims — OF COURSE! — are condemning this condemnation-worthy outrage.

From the BBC.

From the Financial Times.

From Christianity Today.

And this June article from FrontPage addresses the general issue of Muslims and their condemnation of Islamicist terror.

And there is other tragic news today too: Kidnapped Egyptian envoy to Iraq, Ihab al-Sharif, is believed to be dead; a group of al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for the reported killing.

Muslims are dying too. They are also victims of terror. And many do condemn all this murder, all this hate.

If you are feeling vengeful today, step back and think. Today’s attacks were not against YOU, they were against all humankind, which includes Muslims. Increasing the violence and unfairly targeting our Muslim brothers and sisters will not improve a dire situation.

Retaliation doesn’t work — that should be obvious. We see the fruits of the horrific occurrences of 9/11 being used as a tool of revenge (and God knows what else). What has it gotten us? More death. More terror. Don’t let 7/7 lead to even worse events. Please. Today is a day to reach out in love to everyone, to share sadness, to think of peaceful means to beget peace. It’s clich├ęd but true: Our grief should not be a cry for acts of hate and retaliation and war.

The world has tried the ways of war. Unsuccessfully. For a change, as trite as this may sound, let’s try courage and try peace and nonviolence.

How? For starters, check out this excellent, if brief, thought on the nonviolent approach to terrorism from someone reluctant to label himself as pacifist.

As time allows, I will continue this theme via a series of essays on Gandhi and his ideas.


3 thoughts on “London Calling: A Time for Peace

  1. I had to post this. Someone had to speak out against the horrible things being written by some insensitive people. And your prayer is mine as well, my friend.

  2. the problem Natalie with your benevolent plea is that most Muslims are laughing behind your back. As it turns out, while Muslims present one face to the western world with their stock condemnations, to their own people, they print otherwise ridiculous justifications for the terrorist acts.

    Of course there are peace loving Muslims, but far far too many, much more than a trivial minority, are secretly supporters of all the action against the west. Their reasons are wide and varied, but the Muslims in the west hold many of the same imagined sleights and grudges that their brethren in the jihad do. They’re just not quite willing to die themselves, smug and content to watch others take actions.

    This is the price the West pays for true freedom and democracy… Muslims come here, preach their revoltion, stab us in the back repeatedly and you just want to defend them!!! Well, that’s your perogative, but don’t complain when you or a family member becomes a victim of the jihad.

    With your type of personality, the type that simply cannot face duty imposed on us by the obvious truths in front of us, terrorism simply has to smack you in the face like a splash of ice water before you will face the truth.

    To help you elevate yourself beyond your kindergarten level understanding of the situation, the West is not retaliating. Retaliation has no productive outcome. What the West is doing is fighting fire with fire. We have to fight radical Islam (is there another flavour?) on it’s own turf. We have to take their bases of operation away in Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else they would prosper and exist.

    Can’t you understand that no matter what the West does or did, the Islam fundie’s would try to wipe us out. By their definition, we are infidels and either we convert or we must be vaporized. Impregnate that attitude with millions of Muslims, in an atomic age, and you have huge trouble.

    No matter what the West does or doesn’t do, Islam has taken a permanent turn for the worse, well before Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the game is on. There is no turning back until we put out the fire.

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