The Price of Apathy

Here is a thought-provoking piece by guest author Jolly Roger. I don’t share all of the writer’s views, but the words do provide food for thought. I hope it motivates those caught in the grip of apathy to change their thinking and to get active.

I’ve always been opposed to violence, and I do believe there can be a
peaceful solution to everyone’s problems, but when a small group of
people make peaceful solutions impossible, and use violence to impose
their will upon others, they will always invite violence upon

Every sane person prefers to live in peace, but every human can be
driven to violence, and I believe that millions of peaceful people are being driven in that direction right now. They have worked toward
peaceful solutions for decades, but these efforts have proven futile,
and they now face a government who insists on ignoring the will of the American people, in favor of imposing their own will upon them

When any government removes the people’s freedom and civil rights, and then unleashes a militarized police force upon peaceful protesters, that government is imposing its will violently. When they explode skyscrapers filled with people, crushing thousands to death to keep the remainder of the population reduced to fear, they are most certainly imposing their will violently. When their deceit of the population enables them to send thousands of soldiers to their death to increase the profits of a few billionaires, they are once again, imposing their will violently. If you haven’t been completely
brainwashed by the television, I’m sure you can add a few examples to
this list, but the point is, that for the U.S. government, violently
imposing their will upon the American people as well as foreign
nations, has become common practice, and standard operating procedure.

Much to our credit, we’re a peace-loving people, and therefore have
not reacted to these outrages violently. Unfortunately, the story is
far from over, because our government’s violence has not stopped, and
in fact, shows every sign of increasing. Will you be as “peace-loving” after the next false-flag attack kills a few of your loved ones?

Regardless of how “peace-loving” you are now, you’ll be violent enough after you’ve gone a few days without food, and all economic indicators point to that hardship becoming a reality for millions of Americans in the near future, in addition to the millions who suffer that hardship today.

There is no need for any American to go hungry, and there’s no reason
every American can’t have access to basic health care, but millions go hungry every day, and if they become ill or injured, they’re out of luck. We’ve become a nation of a million millionaires who scoff at
those reduced to poverty through no fault of their own, while our
government quickly sweeps them out of sight. The corporate-owned media have taught us that the unfortunate don’t deserve the basic
necessities of life, and have brought their condition upon themselves.

Because of this influence, standing idly by while they starve to death has not only become acceptable, but actually a fashionable attitude among the rich. The media have conditioned us to ignore the suffering of our fellow Americans, despite the fact that their suffering is the result of shameless corporate greed, and our government’s theft of this nation’s wealth. They’ve taught us to blame the poor for their own plight, rather than focus our attention on the real culprits.

I’m not a socialist, a communist, or even a “liberal.” What I am is a
patriotic American who has learned from various economists that there
is plenty for everyone, if not for the indecent greed of a few, which
greed has recently been made possible by a government that caters only to the will of its corporate masters, and ignores the will of the people they hold office to represent. I also have no problem with
people striving to become rich, or succeeding at it, but unfettered
greed costing millions of lives has no place in any society that hopes to be considered civilized or humane. If such practices are the will of the majority, so be it, but if people must die to satisfy corporate greed, any hint of equality in this nation would make it legal for all of us to kill people and take their money.

Obviously this is not the way any of us want to live, but it’s the
life we’re becoming the victims of, because it happens to be what our
government and the multi-national corporations practice by policy. Any sensational crimes reported on the television pale in comparison to the crimes regularly committed by those who rule over us. To help hide their crimes, they’ve taught us to despise their victims.

The decline of decency in our society has made this possible. The
media have taught us to abandon any hint of human compassion, and have made it socially acceptable to worry only about ourselves. Americans were very different people thirty years ago than they are today, because they’ve allowed the corporate media to change their culture, and they’ve allowed the television to dictate social mores to their children rather than have these rules passed from one generation to the next, as has always been the practice in the past. The televison has raised a generation of children, and taught the entire nation to behave like selfish pigs, while encouraging the abandonment of all traditional American values.

We’ve become a nation that kills its own soldiers, pushes war heroes
into the street, watches the elderly starve, imprisons the mentally
ill, denies health care to the poor, and who tortures and slaughters
innocent people all over the globe. We’re ruled by tyrants who have
betrayed the American people, plundered the nation’s wealth, and who
entertain themselves with the rape and torture of stolen children to
satisfy their sadistic lust, and revel in their evil power. Because of our government’s corruption, our corporations’ greed, and our media’s influence, Americans are rapidly becoming the scum of the earth.

Your personal opinions or political views don’t matter. No one cares
who you voted for. These tyrants rule as they do because your apathy
has allowed them to, and because they’re confident you’ll do nothing
to stop them. Your apathy, weakness and fear is what made this
possible, not your political affiliations. What’s worse, is that this
apathy, weakness and fear are unnatural traits that you were taught to adopt.

Thirty years ago, and for thousands of years before that, fathers
taught their sons to “stand their ground, defend themselves, and fight for what’s right.” For the last twenty years, the TV has taught men to lock their doors, call the police, and stay in touch with their feminine sides. Any behavior that thirty years ago would have been considered typical of males, is now mocked by the mainstream media, and this has changed how men react to many situations. Drastic changes like this can occur in any society over long periods of time, but the fact that they happened in American society from one generation to the next, and that they also coincide with the corporate takeover of the television networks, indicates to me that this change was intentional and calculated. A fascist regime would be stupid to not take advantage of a brainwashing device like the television to disarm and disempower the population, and although people in our government may appear stupid, they’re actually just

The problem for many is that these new standards of behavior have not
been universally adopted, because most Americans still live in
environments that punish weakness. These happen to be the same people
who are being hardest hit by our government’s legal and economic
policies, and their suffering began long ago. With no chance of
employment, no chance to receive an education, no way to pay the rent, and no sign of a better future for their children, many people in our society are being left with no hope, and very little to live for, except more suffering.

You had better fear these people, and hope they don’t all become
hungry at once, because they’ve already been angry for quite some time.

They’ve seen poor innocents imprisoned while rich murderers were
freed. They’ve seen a hundred successful boob-jobs while their sick
children were denied health care. They’ve seen every penny pried from
their pockets, their communities, and their futures, and they have watched our government give it all to the rich. They prefer the America of their memory, but they can’t afford to escape their present life for even a day, to forget what America has become.

If you choose not to fear these people, you had better join these
people, because when the coin is tossed, it will not land on its edge. Everyone will be on one side or the other. Either you’re seeking justice in our government’s crimes and corruption for the betterment of all, or you’re profiting by this crime and corruption, perpetuating it, thereby working to increase the suffering of millions. There is no middle ground, and there are no innocent bystanders.

In a government of the people, the people are guilty of what that
government has become, and they’re also left to punish the crimes. In
our divided nation, this can only become a mess, but it’s a mess that
Americans have bought, and will soon have to pay for.

You see, many people don’t consider you to be “innocent” if you stand
idly by while our government enables corporations to destroy the lives of millions, and your only worry is your stock portfolio. If you’re supporting and profiting by a system that kills others to enhance your wealth, you’re a party to murder, regardless of whether you’re able to ignore, or somehow justify it. If people must suffer for your greed, they will always wish suffering upon you, because you’ve imposed real suffering upon them. United States law denies that your wealth makes your life more valuable than anyone else’s, so why should the murder committed by your greed be legal, and the murder they dream of be unthinkable? Obviously, they shouldn’t be, so if someone hacks off your head and takes your mountain of ill-gotten gold, you should be happy that America has taken a step toward equality under the law.

And what does the rest of the world think of Americans who sit on
their big asses, drive their big cars, and watch the big game on their big-screen TVs? Aren’t they responsible for the army that plunders the wealth of innocent people all over the world, and leaves mountains of dead children in its wake? You don’t worry about it, because so far, these people haven’t been able to attack you, but what happens when this mechanical greed begins to grind away at other Americans? What happens when an unjust system deprives them of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

The answer, in case you’ve never felt it, is that they become angry,
and these peace-loving people are driven toward violence. And they
most certainly do have the means to attack you, right in your quiet
little suburb. Your big house, your big car, and your big ass will
identify you as the enemy to the angry parents of starving children.
Your big silicon boobs will inspire hatred in those who watched loved
ones die for lack of health insurance. Your big screen TV will tell
you to keep working and keep shopping, while your house burns to ashes around you. It will keep telling you that all is fine in America. You had better turn off your TV, and become an active part of your community and government, because regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, you’ll be paying for it.

I’m not condoning or advocating violence, but I’m warning you that
violence is the inevitable result of the practices of our government,
and you happen to be part of that government, regardless of whether or not you’re “into politics.” The crooks in the White House will
disappear in a jet, and as usual, you’ll be stuck paying the bill.


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  1. Government rules only through the consent of the governed. We are not limited to a choice between sheeplike compliance or violent resistence. As Gandhi and others have demonstrated, we can resist nonviolently. The corporate state will fall unless we continue to work for them, buy their products, and pay their taxes.

    Many of us are riding bicycles to Washington, DC, to say “we’d rather get around without cars than kill for oil.” We’ll be arriving in DC 22 Sept. Please join us!

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