A Little Politicking


Yeah, I’m a “West Wing” fan. And while Alan Alda is a longtime fave of mine — ah, sensitive men — the quality of Jimmy Smits’ work also
amazes me. Given a choice between Smits’ lovably leftist Matt Santos and Alda’s right-wing rogue, Arnie Vinick, I gotta go with… well, you’ve seen the pic. (Unless, of course, the show surprises me by bringing in a Green or anti-war Independent candidate…)

Of course, the world surrounding the Jed Bartlet presidency and the race to replace him in 2005 is make-believe. In the real world, I suggest following the advice of the diagonal bar at the top right of this page. Stat.

A tip o’ the baseball cap to Jamie for sending me the graphic.

On another, unrelated note: Happy birthday to my lovely brother — who was rewarded with a Baltimore Ravens win — and to Bobby Weir! (And belated happies to Takeshi Kaga and Hugh Jackman, who celebrated their day on Oct. 12.)