New Time-Sink

Elayne Riggs of Pen-Elayne on the Web suggests a fun game to play (discovered at Dark Bilious Vapors). It’s actually pretty cool and often hilarious.

Here’s how to play: Go to Google, look up the phrase “[insert your first name] is a” and check out the results. I am loath to Google myself — if you don’t do it with a partner, what’s the point? — but this diversion merited a try. Some choice results:

Natalie is a goddess. [IF IT’S ON GOOGLE, IT’S GOTTA BE TRUE!]

Natalie is a girl going into sixth grade who wants to be an author.

Natalie is a member of Cheerzone All-Star Sparklers Cheerleading competition squad, and she is scheduled to perform at the 2004 Pro Bowl.

Natalie is a challenge to ride, but with time and patience will develop. [AHEM.]

Natalie is a body in motion: clogging, tapping, stepping, skipping, high-kicking, moonwalking and generally bouncing.

Natalie is a former President of Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity.

Natalie is a gorgeous tease. [GUILTY AS CHARGED.]

Natalie is a catnip-addicted cat hailing from a large family who disowned her after telling them of her sexual orientation.

Natalie is a bully to the weak inmates.

Natalie is a stunning red-fawn female greyhound with a black mask and white chest blaze. [HEY! WHAT’S WITH ALL THE CRITTERS NAMED NATALIE?]

Natalie is a well-known gay rights activist.

Natalie is a complete orchestra with a massive horns section.

Natalie is a very powerful and important figure in what we broadly call cultural history. [HEH.]

Natalie is a Republican. [WHA-A-A-A-A-T???]

Natalie is a normal kid and is not defined by her diabetes.

Natalie is a classic Machiavellian-conservative. [I AM NOT A CONSERVATIVE!]

Natalie is a twelve-year-old who is unaware of her own magical powers, until she, her stepbrother and their friends are kidnapped by a wizard.

Natalie is a bit of a ditz and has dreams of being a dancer (though she’s not very good).

Natalie is a fine character, but not a great one.

Stunningly, one of these actually was written about me. (Guess.) And some of them could have been. For instance, I happen to be an Alpha Gamma Delta (and former altruism chair for my college’s chapter) and I really am a diabetic. No massive horn section, though.

Anyhoo, it’s your turn. Google yourself and let us know what the search engine says about you!

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