This Just In: Miers Withdraws

From BBC News: Bad news for the Bushites (and perhaps not today’s final bit of bad news for the administration).


Harriet Miers’ nomination has placed Mr Bush in the spotlight The Texas lawyer nominated to the US Supreme Court by President George W Bush, Harriet Miers, has withdrawn as a nominee to the court.

Ms Miers, who has served as White House counsel for Mr Bush but has no judicial experience, has come in for criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

She was reprimanded by Senators for giving “incomplete to insulting” answers to written questions.

The withdrawal of Ms Miers is seen as a significant blow to Mr Bush.

Her decision comes amid tense times for the White House, which is currently waiting for news on possible indictments of senior administration figures in connection with a CIA leak case.

Mr Bush’s approval ratings have meanwhile been plummeting, and his apparent inability to push his choice through is thought likely to raise fresh concerns as to what he can achieve in his second term.

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I hope Shrub’s next nominee for the SCOTUS won’t be even worse — but I expect he or she will be. Prepare to see one of the usual right-wing judicial suspects named: Alberto Gonzales; Janice Rogers Brown; the Ediths, Clement and Jones; J. Michael Luttig; or J. Harvie Wilkinson III. Good lord, might we even see the notorious Robert Bork again?

Be very afraid, yes, but be ready to fight. I almost expect to see blood on the Senate chamber floor.

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