Sunday Briefs

TV’s “60 Minutes” has made available a transcript of tonight’s broadcast of an eye-opening report on the damage caused by the outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame. The next time a right-winger tells you that former ambassador Joseph Wilson’s spouse wasn’t really an undercover operative — in other words, dismissing the importance of what happened to her — you’ll know something: You’re speaking with a person who puts partisan politics before national security and truth. Meanwhile, the investigation into the Plame leak continues: The focus is on Bush Administration neocons. Don’t be surprised if Dick Cheney’s name comes up again. And let’s not forget Robert Novak’s role in all of this. GOP and Democratic lawmakers have recommendations: Shake up the White House staff, investigate Cheney, and urge puppetmaster Karl Rove to resign.

More evidence of conservatives’ “compassion”: More than 38 million Americans don’t have the means to make ends meet — or to afford enough food to be adequately fed and nourished. The GOP-led US Congress’ answer to poverty: take away food stamps from poor people. If a House Agriculture Committee-approved measure wins passage, budget cuts will take food assistance away from an estimated 300,000 people and end school lunches and breakfasts for 40,000 children. Watch out, GOPsters: A hungry man is an angry man.

Blood on the Senate floor: Following the Harriet Miers withdrawal, on Monday, Dubya Bush is expected to name another nominee to replace departing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Expect a huge, messy fight, as the new nomineed likely will be a far-right candidate designed to win the support of fundamentalist Christians and wingnut Republicans.

In a still-shaken India, police have captured 20 people suspected of playing a part in recent terrorist bombings in New Delhi that left 61 people dead and more than 200 wounded. The militant Islami Inqilabi Mahaz (Islamic Revolutionary Group) has claimed responsibility for Saturday night’s blasts. The terrorists warn that “attacks will continue until India pulls out all its troops from the state of Kashmir”.

Syria alleges that the US is launching military raids from Iraq into its territory. Not surprisingly, the charge raises the temperature in already fiery diplomatic relations between President Bashar Assad’s regime and the Bush Administration.

A theater for Jerry: San Francisco has named a 600-seat city park amphitheater in honor of hometown hero Jerry Garcia, who was guitarist for the Grateful Dead until his death in 1995. Across the nation, Deadheads are dancing and shaking thir bones in glee.