I’m podcasting, baby. Nah, not on my own – yet – but on a fine Web radio program, “Subject2Discussion,” which is hosted by the amiable Shaun O’Mac Daily. The show is brought to you by the good folks at LVROCKS.COM and it covers lots of ground – news, science fiction, pop culture. The program’s Dec. 6 installment featured little me, acting as Blogcritics‘ representative for its Pop Culture Report. Shaun and I had a great time shooting the breeze about the woes of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (don’t you feel bad for them?), the possible Britney Spears-What’sHisName split (about time), the new releases by American Idol‘s Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice, and current films, including Rent, The Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong. If you want to check it out and hear me in the flesh, you can catch the podcast here (if you have an iPod) and here (if you don’t). Blogcritics will have a revolving list of guests each Tuesday at 8PM Pacific Time/11 PM Eastern Time; if I didn’t screw up too badly (I became a grandma a couple of days ago, so my brain is still a bit out of sorts), perhaps they will ask me back. If so, I’ll give a head’s up in advance to allow those inclined to listen live. But even not live is good: Check out the podcast or download the MP3 of the entire program and give Shaun a listen. You’ll have fun.

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