The Koufax Is Back

The end of the year is nigh, so here come the end-of-year best-of competitions and lists. Don’t know if I’ll do lists this year given everything, but we shall see. I doubt I will be voting in any of the weblog contests taking place, but I did make some nominations for Wampum‘s annual Koufax Awards. Not that I put much stock into these things; my skeptical side can’t get past the fact that they feel like popularity contests more than anything else. But the Koufaxes are always interesting. Check it out — the nomination process is now under way. Voting should begin, I believe, in January. If, er, you want to head over and, um, nominate and/or vote for AF&O, well, that would be awfully swell of you. Skeptical or not, I’m always happy to be nominated.