Times that Try Humans’ Souls

Apologies, apologies for the radio silence: Circumstances beyond my control and directly related to my ongoing struggles forced me offline and into a precarious position for the past couple of weeks. Just regained ‘Net access (yay!) and had a sandwich (double yay!), so we are back in business. The situation remains precarious, but it is less so for the nonce. And I lost a couple of dress sizes in the process, so I am feeling more lighthearted this afternoon than I did this morning.

Thanks to all who filled my overflowing emailbox with “is all OK?” missives. It is nice to know there are those who care.

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2 thoughts on “Times that Try Humans’ Souls

  1. I’m glad things have improved for you — but I’m worried when you celebrate eating a sandwich. There just *has* to be a place that would pay you to write and report for them, or organize for them, or something.

  2. One would think. But times are tough, available slots are few, buyouts are running rampant, and consequently I experience lots of “wish we could, but…” Most of my colleagues have left journalism altogether, seeing no other options (and many are in similar straits). Jobs in activism are difficult to come by as well. And my neverending attempts to try to do other things end in defeat too; prospective employers assume that a person of my age and experience will be too expensive or on the lookout for more appropriate employment (which is not an unreasonable assumption, but hard to hear when one is desperate for anything). Oh well,we persevere.

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