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Long live Queen Kwan: Though her withdrawal from the Torino Olympic Games due to injury is sad, when it comes down to it, I really don’t care that US figure skater Michelle Kwan likely will never have Olympic gold. She is, in my book, the greatest skating champion this nation will ever see. Unlike Fleming, Button, Hamill, Hamilton or Boitano, she doesn’t have Olympic gold, but she did win a silver medal and a bronze. In addition, she won nine nationals and five world championships. No American skater has been so richly decorated. Even more importantly, she has always been a great role model. During this most trying time for her, Kwan proved herself a true champion and an extraordinarily gracious and graceful human being. As 2002 gold medalist Sarah Hughes told USA Today, “I’ve always had the utmost respect for Michelle not only as a skater but also as a person … She has brought so much prestige to our sport. I always thought I was on the ice with a legend. Whenever they talk about the history of skating, they will talk about her.” Indeed.

Freedom of Expression: I am so sick of the cartoon brouhaha… Yes, I’m referring to the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed that appeared in Denmark’s Jylland-Posten. They indeed are awful — I’ve seen the drawings and though I am not Muslim, they offended me terribly. Wow: I expressed my disapproval of the cartoons that, though vile and disrespectful, the paper had every right to print. No bombings. No shootings. No fires. No violence. Imagine that.

The situation leaves me with a few questions. 1.) Why do we see angry, violent protests now when the cartoon depicting Muhammed wearing a bomb-shaped turban was printed last September? 2.) Should Israel start burning down edifices and the like when Islamic papers print anti-Semitic cartoons? (I’ll answer that one directly: No.) 3.) In return, some Islamic publications suggest printing cartoons that deny the Holocaust. What in heck does that have to do with what was printed in a Danish newspaper? That’s like experiencing a 9/11 and, in retaliation, invading a country not responsible for the attacks.

My heart bleeds for the majority of Muslims who would never involve themselves in the sort of behavior practiced by the violent minority — that bad bunch shames all humans.

Cheney Takes One Down: OK, it was an accident, and a fairly common one at that. I am no fan of the vice-terrorist-in-chief’s work and stated beliefs, but anyone who tries to make political hay of an unforutnate and private incident ought to be ashamed. Let’s just be happy that the man Cheney shot is doing OK.

Grammy Goodies: How cool is it that U2 and Green Day scored big on “music’s biggest night?” To me, Grammies are less than meaningless, but I must say that this year’s show was pretty darned good. Mariah Carey gave a powerhouse performance; John Legend lived up to his name; the mashup featuring Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Paul McCartney electrified; and I decided that I do like Keith Urban and Kelly Clarkson. And what of poor Sly Stone? I loved the mohawk he was rockin’, but… Here’s hoping Sly is all right.

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4 thoughts on “AF&Opourri

  1. Nice to drop by again after a long absence. Seems you have a cleaner look, but the same sound, sane commentary. Couldn’t agree more about Kwan – she’s top on my list.

    Yeah, we can spoof Cheney for his hunting mishaps, and no doubt the late night comics will be all over it, but the real concern is how he is compromising our democracy. The leak authorization if true should be the thing that brings him down.

    Come visit Choosing Hope, and consider giving it a position on your blogroll.

  2. Glad you visited; come again soon. And Choosing Hope presents a fine, independent voice, which I sorely appreciate. You have been blogrolled.

    Must agree that the Plame situation seems to be a justified reason to bring Cheney down. The more I hear about it, the more I suspect that Scooter Libby wasn’t working alone.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if the media gave as much attention to the Plame leak, or the NSA spying, or he Abramoff lobbying scandals, or the Katrina fiasco or ….

    …you know. I could go on & on.

  4. A girl can dream…

    Although this thought hits me: Perhaps the Bushies sent Cheney to “accidentally” pull an Aaron Burr to distract us from all that and the deflation of Dubya’s SOTU bounce. I see it now, Steven Tyler on Letterman singing, “Cheney’s got a gun…”

    Nah, doubtful, but it’s an interesting theory.

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