Another Koufax Nomination; Yahoo 360

Well, how’s this for another happy surprise: AF&O was nominated for all-around Best Writing in the first round of the judging for the 2005 KoufaxAwards for Lefty Bloggers. This comes after word that we were nominated for Best Post for “Rosa Parks: She Sat, She Inspired.” Most cool.

The excellent progressive news-Native American issues site Wampum, which conducts the Koufaxes, says voting will begin next week. I would be gratified if you would consider supporting AF&O when the time comes.

Oh, and while I am here, let me invite you to visit my new Yahoo 360 page, which has lots of activism info.


2 thoughts on “Another Koufax Nomination; Yahoo 360

  1. Sorry, I don’t run the awards; that’s done at the blog Wampum. My understanding is that the nomination process is over and the first-round voting will begin soon. For my own benefit – it’s always great to find new sites – I will check out those links. Thanks for suggesting them.

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