Another Koufax Nomination

AF&O has been nominated in a third category of Wampum‘s 2005 Koufax Awards for Lefty Bloggers: Best Series, for our ongoing coverage of how gays have been treated within the Roman Catholic and Anglican/Episcopal churches. This nom goes with others for Best Post for “Rosa Parks: She Sat, She Inspired” and overall Best Writing.

All of the nominations are for the first-round. Voting has not yet begun – Wampum’s editor is doing yeoman’s work compiling these bad boys; it takes time, as does the regular blogging and work and life-living. I’ll let you know as soon as balloting commences. In the meantime, I hope you will check out the nominated pieces and give AF&O your support.

Re: the nominated series of posts: I’ll add these links to the sidebar later tonight (must hit the grocery, make dinner and help the son with homework first), but to help people find the related essays, here are links for Catholic posts and Anglican posts.