Illegal Detentions, Jailed Innocents

I strongly suggest you check outthe March 1 “Democracy Now” interview with former United Nations Human Rights Chief John Pace. In it, Pace says some startling (though not surprising) things: For one, he states his belief that the US is violating the Geneva Conventions in its treatment of detainees at its Abu Ghraib prison. For two, Pace says that the majority of those being detained by the Bush-led military are innocent of any crime – and that while imprisoned unjustly and cruelly treated at the hands of some minority of US soldiers, resentment is building.

Read the full rush transcript of Amy Goodman’s interview with John Pace, watch the video or listen to the conversation. Either way, what Pace says about what is really going on in Iraq, especially in the lives of everyday citizens there, is utterly compelling – and heartbreaking.