Koufax Voting Open

The first-round voting for the 2005 Koufax Awards for Lefty Bloggers is under way. This round of polling will whittle the packs of numerous nominees down to between six and 10 semi-finalists in each category. AF&O is nominated for three awards: Best Post, Best Series and Best Writing. Certainly I hope that you’ll vote for this site and encourage others to do the same (and I’ll love you forever whether you do or don’t), but I urge you to look at all the categories and show some love for your favorites – there are some truly terrific choices within all of them.

From contest host Wampum:

You may vote by comment or email. Email addresses are on the sidebar to your right. You may leave a comment [at Wampum] or at any of the nominating posts. The nominating posts provide a list of nominees for each category.

And now, the categories, linked for your convenience:

Best Blog (non-professional)

Best Blog — Sponsored or Professional

Best Blog Community

Best Writing

Best New Blog

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Single Issue Blog

Best Post

Best Series

Best Expert Blog

Best Group Blog

Most Humorous Blog

Most Humorous Post

Best State or Local Blog

Best Commenter

Goddess bless the gang at Wampum for taking on this Herculean task of honoring the best of the leftist blogospheriverse.