Last Chance to Speak for Food Safety

Last week, an apparent rash of emails and phone calls from activist constituents moved members of the US House of Representatives to postpone a vote on HR 4167, the National Uniformity for Food Act. The People’s Email Network reports that thanks to an overflow of complaints from people like you, support for the bipartisan-backed bill fizzled: A week ago, no Democrat voted to advance the bill and even some Republicans backed away from it.

The anti-4167 backlash was for good reason: If passed, the measure would nullify state and local food-safety laws in favor of a federal law that is less stringent than many local ones. The bill could endanger public health and serves only to fatten the pockets of food-related businesses.

Now, the bill is coming back to the floor for a final House vote as early as today – meaning, it’s time to take action again: Call your lawmakers right away and urge them in the strongest terms possible to vote NO on HR 4167. Here are the toll-free numbers in the Capitol, just ask for your House representative by name: 888-355-3588, 888-818-6641, 800-426-8073

From PEN:

The most outrageous thing about this attempt to cut the legs off state food-labeling protections is the fact they have tried to sneak it through without any hearings whatsoever. It’s just a bought and paid for bill written by industry for industry, and it would turn the
corruption of our food into classified information.

Get more info at PEN’s site.

By taking action, we were able to derail the legislation for a week. Now,let’s derail it for good. Get busy! The safety of the food we eat is at stake. NO ON HR 4167!

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