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Chuck Pennacchio for PA Senate Tired of hearing the same old bipartisan bullcrap shoveled by capitulating centrist congresscritters who call themselves Democrats? Take a gander at the ideas of a real progressive who’s committed to true democratic values and principles: Guestblogging today at Vichy Democrats is none other than AF&O-endorsed Democrat Dr. Chuck Pennacchio, who is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Chuck’s essay is a must-read for anyone interested in seeing true progressives win political office in this country. Whether you are a Democrat, Independent, Green or whatever does not matter. It doesn’t matter if you live in Pennsylvania. The fact that a candidate such as Chuck Pennacchio even exists should be cause for celebration and should give us all hope that a better day may be in the offing. And today’s topic is particularly relevant: The history professor and political organizer delves into the reasons why the Democratic powers-that-be are so determined to continue backing centrist and right-leaning Democrats in name only (such as known GOP appeasers Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Mikulski, et al, ad nauseum) rather than progressive candidates who are committed to true democratic values and principles and who are focused on issues that really matter to people. Here are some excerpts:

…Pennsylvania’s many historic cities and towns have deep and abiding blue roots. What I hear over and over, from Altoona to Dingmans Ferry, from Lancaster and York to Allentown and Wilkes Barre, is that a couple decades ago, local Republicans got aggressive and started issuing threats. They told local business men and women to change party or at least shut up, or they’d be put out of business. And people got cowed, and shut up. They stopped talking about politics to their patrons, to their coworkers, to their neighbors; but their hearts never changed….

They held to their progressive convictions, just quietly. The Bush administration and its insane excesses changed all that. Everyone’s had enough and the time for being quiet is over.

You don’t defend Roe v. Wade, nor return a meaningful Democratic majority to Congress, by struggling to elect a candidate who is anti-choice, opposes embryonic stem-cell research, shares George W. Bush’s position on Iraq, has no solution for the health care crisis, won’t touch the living wage, and takes money from hundreds of the same PAC donors as Rick Santorum. … You don’t effect change by giving in; if you want change you have to push back and fight. I’m not going to the Senate to be bipartisan; I’m going to the Senate to be a pain-in-the-ass — you know, rattle the cage — on behalf of regular people, because that’s what this historical moment demands. Nothing less.

Is it any wonder that I am in big political love with this man? Here is a candidate who, unlike his centrist, anti-choice, anti-equality DLC-backed rival Bob “Santorum-lite” Casey Jr., has convictions and espouses the values that are supposed to be the bedrock of the Democratic Party.

I implore you to head to Vichy Dems and read Chuck Pennacchio’s essay in its entirety. Then head to the Pennacchio for Senate Web site and give Chuck your support. The campaign needs money, volunteers and voices to spread the word. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or not, whether you call yourself a Democrat or not, if you hold progressive values; if you believe Americans deserve justice, equality, health care, a living wage, a government that truly is by and for the people; if you believe our ideals are what can save this nation and make the US live up to its claims, this man deserves your support.

Please do all you can to help Chuck Pennacchio defeat Bob Casey in the May 16 Pennsylvania primary and then unseat right-wing Republican Sen. Rick Santorum. The future of the Keystone State and the United States – and the very integrity of the Democratic Party – is at stake.

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