Another View on Jill Carroll

jill carroll For the record, I am overwhelmed with joy over the news that kidnapped Iraq-based American journalist Jill Carroll is free and safe and – soon, hopefully – on her way home. And there is sadness too, for peace worker Tom Fox and all those less fortunate than Carroll.

But there are other views. And in the swirl of official and not-so-official Iraq coverage, I couldn’t help but wonder at the truth within this bit of a painful-to-read posting found on the newsgroup alt.obituaries:

Jill Carroll wonders why she was arrested? Well, honey, maybe it was because they thought you are a spy or something like that. After all, she DOES fit the profile of a counterintelligence agent. If the shoe was on the other foot – an Iraqi in AmeriKKKa – she would be down at Gitmo now starting the first year of an undisclosed holding period.

Arrested, not kidnapped? Not from this pair of eyes, but mileage varies.

And yeah, an allegedly questionable person of Iraqi descent likely wouldn’t be treated graciously by the authorities. Point.

Things that make one ponder…

The rest of the posting calls for spies to be shot on sight. Can’t get behind that one.

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One thought on “Another View on Jill Carroll

  1. That’s the far left equivalent of the right-winger freaks trashing Carroll for the things she said at gunpoint. While a legitimate problem, I don’t think the rising police-state is quite rivalling the Iraqi insurgency.

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