PA Primary Coming – Pennacchio Update & Issue of the Day

From the Pennsylvania blog Philly, news about an opportunity tonight for you Keystone Staters to meet and talk with Dr. Chuck Pennacchio, the progressive Democrat running against opponents Bob Casey Jr. and Alan Sandals in the May 16 US Senate primary race. (Hear the candidates’ second debate here.) The victor gets a chance to unseat the right-wing Republican incumbent Sen. Rick Santorum.

It’s been said in this space before, but if Pennsylvania Democrats want a honest, integrity-filled progressive senator who will focus on people’s needs rather than those of pols and parties, Pennacchio is your only worthy choice.

Philly reports that Pennacchio will be on Pennsylvania cable channel PCNTV’s call-in program tonight at 7 pm. (Check with your cable company for specific channel location; in Philadelphia, Comcast Cable has PCNTV on channel 63 (regular) and channel 185 (digital).

The show gives you the chance to have your questions answered directly. Philly suggests that you take the time and make the effort to see for yourself why Chuck Pennacchio is the choice:

Ask Chuck why he’s running.

Ask Chuck about where he stands on the issues.

Ask Chuck why he can beat Alan Sandals, Bob Casey and Sen. Man on Dog.

Ask Chuck how he plans to better Pennsylvania and the United States.Ask Chuck how you can help.

A recent Zogby/Op-EdNews poll shows that when Pennsylvanians hear what Pennacchio has to say, they tend to support him more than they do Casey, Sandals and Santorum. If you’re from Pennsylvania, take the time to get to know Chuck – catch him on the tube tonight and talk to him via the call in line: 877-726-5001.

Time is short and this is urgent; we don’t have the power of the Casey-supporting Democrat-in-Name-Only Party on this: Get more info on the campaign, a schedule of Chuck’s personal appearances and learn how you can help the effort at the Pennacchio for Senate site. Spread the good word about Pennsylvania’s Progressive Hope throughout your travels. And don’t forget to cast your vote for Chuck Pennacchio on May 16.

Here’s something that can help inform you about Pennacchio on particular topics. Every weekday until the election (if the goddess allows us to remain online), AF&O will present the Pennacchio Issue of the Day.

Today, given the recent protests, we’ll present Pennacchio on immigration.

From the candidate’s site:

Immigration is a vital part of our nation’s history; it is critical to our long term survival. But illegal immigration has created insecurity at every level. An estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants work in the United States in unsafe conditions for poverty-level wages. This black market in low-cost labor depresses wages for American citizens and has contributed to the stagnation of median family income in the US over the past two decades. We need immigration reform that 1) secures our borders by promoting viable economies for our neighbors; 2) treats immigrants with respect and creates realistic opportunities for them to gain legal status; and 3) improves working conditions and living standards for low-income workers both inside and outside the US.

Read more about it here.


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